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Thread: Legs Question

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    Legs Question

    I just got back from a snowboarding trip I was on for 3 days. The last day my heels and knees were starting to get sore but I thought it was just from all the boarding I was doing. Anyways once I got home I was practically crippled. It's been 2 days since I got home and my heels and knees are still hurting as much as they did as the first day. My question is this:

    I'm currently bulking and legs and back is an intense workout for me. If I stop doing my legs on my legs/back day for say two weeks I'm afraid I'll lose strength and will fall behind. Has anyone had a problem like this before? The rest of my body is fine I was able to do my back and other muscles fine it's just the legs that are killing me. Should I stop leg workouts altogether as to avoid further injury? Like just wait it out until the pain is completely gone?

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    2 weeks off won't hurt you. In fact, if it's been awhile since your last week off, you may come back stronger. I would be surprised if you needed to take that much time though.
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