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Thread: My best friend needs some help

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    My best friend needs some help

    Well I would hav tried to help her but I have no clue how to approach womens nutrition and training. I wasn't sure weather to give her the same principles as for guys.

    She is 5'3" or 4"

    and Weighs 60 kilograms which is around 120 pounds I guess.

    Her goal is to lose fat basically.

    She eats around 6 meals a day and runs ever afternoon. Most of those meals are salads and bland things like that. She overtrains aswell.

    N e help would be greatly appreciated as she is really down about being 'fat'

    "pain is weakness leaving the body"

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    i would use the same principles as a male, maybe eat a little less...

    more frequent meals, protein with each meal and set at about 1g/lb.

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    I'd have her track her diet (Excel spreadsheet or as well. How big are those salads? Dressing? What I have noticed is that vegetables aren't very calorically dense. Thus, she may be eating to few calories.

    And maybe have her alternate between weight lifting and cardio days.
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