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Thread: The Journey to Bodybuilding Reality

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    The Journey to Bodybuilding Reality

    Ok, here it goes...

    After debating about whether to start a journal, I finally decided to do this...
    I am tired of not seeing results...I want to start doing a lot more to get my body transformed into one I can be proud of.

    I am hoping to get going by next week. I still need to get log sheets and get my workout routine straightened out. My plan is to start writing down everything bit of information - how much weight I use, I many calories, fat, carbs, protein intake, how many hours of sleep, how much of this and that. Numbers are key this time to my success.

    I have been working out religiously since Oct 1996. I was off-and-on before that time. However, when I first started in 1996, I was weighing only 110lbs. Within a matter of a couple of years, I went up to 140lbs. Now, since 2002...I have managed to bring my weight up to 155lbs. I want to be able to have a six or eight pack and a massive frame, basically like an hourglass shape. I want hard, ripped muscle that will not only impress me, but others. Last January of 2003, I started the 6-month Rock Hard Challenge from Muscle and Fitness, and it was a strenuous workout program. Now, however, I want massive results. I am starting to tell myself that I just don't want to 'workout' but I want to be a bodybuilder.

    However, my obstacles include time and my genes or my size, whatever you may call it. I am 5'7, 155lbs now...and I have a small frame. I want to be massive and be able to be cut as possible with huge muscles. I may be sounding pretty cheesy, but I am determined to reach my goal.

    Today I begin the journey to being a bodybuilder.

    My journal will contain the following:

    SLEEP (number of hours)
    FOOD (carbs, fat and protein)
    WORKOUT ROUTINE (exercises, sets and reps)

    Can't wait...
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    hey bbc! welcome to journaland and good luck
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    good luck man.

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    Good luck with your goals BBC. Just stay motivated and committed and you will see progress.

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    Good luck man. You obviously have a lot of experience. That will go a long way.
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    Work hard like you have been, and I can attest to the benefits of writting everything down. Not only does it keep you mentally into lifting and working hard, but it gives reference.

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    welcome and good luck with your goals.

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