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    OK, I was at the gym last night working legs and I made some breakthroughs, finally on my upper legs. I managed to press out 1 full ATF Squat with 225 lbs! This was awesome and gave me a good high until I was doing leg curls and looked in the mirror and realized my calves are toothpicks. It made me mad, because I know I've neglected them and they seem so pain in the ass to grow (like forearms). They are the hardest thing for me to add mass to (or so i think). I want to do some extra work on them on the side (sort of "special-ed" for the calves).

    Question is, what are some good things to do to increase calve mass. I currently do Calve-Presses on the Incline leg press and that's about it (5 sets of about 10-15 reps). I was thinking of starting a daily jump-rope session of about 2-5 minutes, but not sure if this would just overwork my calves. Should I also do seated calve raises (to work the sides), and should I bother with reverse calve-presses (to hit the fronts)? Help please?
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    Before i even started working out(its only been about 2 months) i've always had huge calves just by running track and playing basketball. Im not sure if thats your thing, but if your ever sick of the weight room play a pick up game or two a week of basketball...good cardio and it helps ur legs! If you were to play a full court game i suppose it would be similiar to HITT

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    I used to play basketball every day of my life. I could grab the rim and dunk small things like tennis balls when I was in grade 9 at a height of about 5'9". I used to run track and cross country as well

    NONE of that has done anything to help my calves. My calves are probably the same size they were when I was 12, and I've gone from being 5'10" 155lbs to 5'10" 215lbs. I haven't seen ANY visible change in my calves.

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    I think calves are genetics for the most part. My friend's family all had huge calves and they weren't anymore athletic than I was. They were all tall and thin, yet they had huge calves. Obviously you can build them up like any body part, but i think a larger part is genetics than say your arms. How many skinny guys do you know with naturally big arms?
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    Well those seated calf raises and doing calf presses on the leg press will help... another potent little secret calf lift of mine is to take dumbells in your hand and stand on a step... with only the front part of your foot and press yourself upwards, good stuff

    The most important thing is that your doing it correctly, you need a good balance of reps.. you shouldnt be doing like 10 sets of 50 but you shouldnt be doing like 3 sets of 10 either..... Id say the ideal workout is around 4-5 sets of 25. And of course eating is a big part of growing, and eating right not just junk to increase your caloraic intake.


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