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Thread: Your Morning Ritual

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    Your Morning Ritual

    Everybody has a routine they go through each morning, what's yours? Is there something you can do without in the morning before work or school?

    For me, it's getting up everyday at 6am for work and stopping off for a large strong cup of coffee and then reading the paper at work. Without the coffee I don't think I'd make it in the mornings.
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    i get up at 4 am and i need a huge cup a coffee can't do without it! then the day smiles at me! well most of the time
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    I get up at 5 45 for school.... take a shower eat breakfast and i have to wait for my bus.... the shower always wakes me up i dont know what i would do without it
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    6am: alarm sounds
    6:01: Profanity.
    6:10: Muster will to get out of bed. Kiss sleeping wife.
    6:11: Sit on toilet
    6:15 (or so, depending): Get in shower
    6:22: Shave
    6:26: Emerge from bathroom. Kiss wife. Pet dog.
    6:27: dress
    6:35: go downstairs, disarm alarm. Get WSJ, peruse headlines. Put on shoes.
    6:40: feed dog
    6:42: pour OJ, take pills.
    6:44: Pack food for day
    6:55: Make and drink Opticen
    7:00: Brush teeth
    7:02: Kiss wife. Make sure she gets up.
    7:05: Ask dog if she wants to go for a walk. She does.
    7:15: return from walk
    7:16: give dog treat.
    7:17: call voicemail at work to see if anything has come up
    7:19: get stuff in gym bag
    7:25: Kiss wife, chat a bit, say goodbye
    7:30: Hit the road.

    I get a cup of coffee or a diet coke when I get to the office at about 8, sit down, and get to it. I'm most productive between 8 and 10 or so. After that, I'll read the paper and get online a bit.
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    what about your breakfast? I am super hungry every morning.

    8:00 AM - wake up, turn the stereo on. put some coffee to brew and hit the bathroom (teeth, ****, shower, shave etc).
    8:30 AM - down a 800 cal shake, drink coffee and get online to check mails and news.
    9:00 AM - iron my clothes
    9:20 AM - leave for work and get another large coffee on the way.

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    Times vary depending on what I have to do between leaving home and getting to work, but this is pretty much what happens every morning

    *Wake up
    *Go downstairs to the kitchen and down a caffeine pill
    *Prep the meals for the day
    *Take the daily morning dump
    *Get dressed, grab the MP3 player and go for my morning walk
    *Walk for about 1 hour
    *Get back home and take a shower
    *Take the second morning dump (yeah, my digestive system is very efficient)
    *Get dressed for work
    *Cook and eat breakfast with my dog (as soon as she hears the sound of the plate on the table she comes down to the kitchen and goes back up to lay on MY bed and soon as the plate is empty, same thing happens when I'm cooking chicken after I get out of bed)
    *Go back upstairs, brush teeth and say hello and goodbye to my wife (she usually wakes up while I'm having breakfast and it takes her a good 15-20 minutes to "land")
    *Leave for work
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    Wake up around 5
    Have a shake
    Jerk off
    **** again (fiber is good)
    Get Dressed
    Leave for work around 745

    If I didnt spank it, Id prob have a boner all ****ing day.
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    since i work graveyard..

    7amish-get home
    8am-take daughter to school
    815am-go to sleep
    3pm wake up and pick up daughter
    315pm-day begins, take in first meal of day

    i guess my only consistency would be preparing meals for before and during work. i hate coffee, gave up energy drinks, so none of that applies
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    4:30am--Wake up, start truck while still in my bed (haha, **** this cold start LMAO) put on shorts and shirt and go piss
    4:35am--fix a protein shake and bowl of Wheaties, take all my Vitamins
    4:40am--brush teeth and then chew gum (reason for gum is next)
    4:45am--grab a gatorade, mix with creatine and glutamine (gum is to kill nasty toothpaste taste) Grab my workout bag
    4:47am--Hit the road to gym
    5:00am--Get to gym
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    I get up around 7:00 - 7:20, have a shower, sit around (maybe eat something), then get a ride to school.
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    Down with the Sickness
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    8am alarm nudge wife to hit snooze
    815am alarm nudge wife again to hit snooze
    830am alarm again nudge wife to hit snooze rub eyes
    835am roll over and get some loving from the wife
    915am get up stretch the sore back a bit (car accident injury) scratch my ass run the shower to get water hot
    918 let dogs out
    920 go and get my son out of his crib and change his diaper and give him a bottle
    927 let dogs in and get in the shower
    945 get dressed eat breakfast watch news inbetween
    1000 grab my meals for the day (my wife makes em) kiss wife and son goodbye
    1015 stop at corner store for red bull and a coffee
    1030 walk in to work and check e-mails and messages
    1045 start motivating my reps to get on the phones

    I usually work out at night after work i will change that here real soon, and start getting up at 430 am. It is going to be to much like when i was in the service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2A
    If I didnt spank it, Id prob have a boner all ****ing day.
    You said it. Even that doesn't fix it some days.

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    6:40 - Alarm sounds, kiss girlfriend, hit snooze
    6:50 - Alarm sounds, kiss girlfriend, hit snooze
    7:00 - Alarm sounds, kiss girlfriend, hit snooze
    7:10 - Alarm sounds, kiss girlfriend and tell her to go home, look at clock, s**t I'm going to be late
    7:15 - Shave
    7:20 - Shower
    7:24 - Towel off, clean ears, put on deodorant
    7:30 - Get dressed
    7:36 - Bowl of cereal (real breakfast is at work)
    7:45 - Hop in car and head to work
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    Great thread.

    8:00am - open eyes, laying in bed.
    8:15am - get up, go to the bathroom, brush teeth, put contacts in etc..
    8:25am - Make breakfast (usually eggs, protein shake, ww bread)
    8:35am - turn on t.v. flip through channels, watching cartoons etc.. Maybe flip through the main section of the newspaper.
    9:00am- Usually watching tv, then go to the gym at 9:45am. Or take a shower and get ready for school.
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    6:50:00 alarm goes off
    6:50:05 turn off alarm
    6:50:07 get back into bed
    7:00-7:30 wake up "for reals"


    sit on toilet to poop/sleep, shower, get dressed, eat, brush teeth, out the door by ~8:15

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jotosuds

    sit on toilet to poop/sleep...
    That could be a dangerous, and messy, combination
    Best way to cheat on deadlifts...

    Stand there for a few minutes, then pace back and forth a lot, huff and puff, wait until everybody's looking. Approach the bar. Back off. Approach it again. Back off. Get some water. Chalk up. Approach the bar again. Then spray some more chalk around. Wait until people start losing interest. When nobody's looking, pick it a little off the floor, and slam it down. Jump up and yell "LIGHT WEIGHT BABY". Then give high fives all around. - Belial

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    6:30- Alarm
    6:33- Shave/Wash Face
    6:50- Cottage Cheese/Whey
    7:00- Brush Teeth
    7:05- Get Dressed
    7:10- Fix Hair
    7:25- Go to school

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    Kitchener, ON
    5:00 alarm sounds; hit snooze and lie there half awake cursing my fate that I'm up so damn early

    5:10 alarm sounds again; turn it off this time and slip out of bed.

    5:10:05 trip over the goddamn cats, who are trying to get my attention not because they're HUNGRY but because they just want some fresh food in their bowl, the spoiled little ****s

    5:11 morning visit to the porcelain throne, while questioning the sexual habits, ancestry, and moral turpitude of the cats, who continue to whore for attention by rolling around on the tile floor on the backs and rubbing against my feet while I'm trying to concentrate and take a decent crap

    5:13 attempt to insert contact lenses; discover that the drool caked at the corner of my mouth is mirrored by eye phlegm thoroughly crusting both eyes. Clean eyes and re-attempt.

    5:15 don a fluffy cotton robe ($29.95, President's Choice bathrobe, purchased at Zehrs if you can believe that, and are from Ontario and know what a Zehrs market is)

    5:16 climb three flights of stairs to the bathroom and shower/shave... once again pray to God thanking whoever invented the awesome shower head I bought to replace the low-flo piece of donkey scrotum that used to be on the shower before I moved in and replaced it

    5:18 think about having a quick wank in the shower but realize I'm too tired and I'm in a hurry to get out of the house anyway

    5:20 brush teeth, moisturize (hey I'm getting old and my skin gets dry)

    5:23 head downstairs to kitchen, throw container of irish oatmeal in the microwave to heat while I get dressed

    5:24 get dressed, kiss soundly sleeping wife on temple

    5:30 wolf down oatmeal with some flax caps and some bee pollen and a scoop of Nitrean, look longingly at the new juicer I got and realize that I don't have any ****ing time in the morning and how the hell am I supposed to juice anything before leaving for work

    5:38 prepare to leave for the bus station, assembling all required gear/papers/etc. for the day

    5:39 walk the 4 blocks to the bus station; an easy walk in fine weather but a pain in the ass in hot or cold weather; just long enough to work up a sweat or a chill

    5:49 take a seat on the bus, try to swell up and look bulkier/fat so no one will want to sit beside me so I will have room to stretch/relax on the trip. It works but invariably some 40something career secretaries will sit next to/behind me and chat the whole goddam way to Toronto. Worse still, I'll get some stank-ass divorcee sitting near me that has doused herself liberally in some putrid perfume.

    5:50 depart on bus for what I *hope* will only be a 90-minute ride to work...

    5:51 begin to alternate between wishing I could fall asleep and hoping the bus would crash just so some of the tedious *******s on the bus would shut their mouths

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    Callahan, did you just say a 90 minute ride to work?!?!
    Best way to cheat on deadlifts...

    Stand there for a few minutes, then pace back and forth a lot, huff and puff, wait until everybody's looking. Approach the bar. Back off. Approach it again. Back off. Get some water. Chalk up. Approach the bar again. Then spray some more chalk around. Wait until people start losing interest. When nobody's looking, pick it a little off the floor, and slam it down. Jump up and yell "LIGHT WEIGHT BABY". Then give high fives all around. - Belial

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    10am - 3pm : wake up, do something, stare out the window for a good hour at the people rushing off to school and work. Eat.
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    7.00 - wake up by alarm
    7.15 - turn on pc
    7.20 - surf some sites
    7.30 - spank the monkey
    7.40 - the 3 S's (shower, ****, shave)
    8.00 - pack my bag and head for summerschool

    * breakie is usually picked on my way to uni

    damn, looks like a whole bunch of you get up at like 4-5am just to get to work. yikes!! hope i'll never get a job.
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    90mins. That sucks. Makes me appreciate my 5min drive (including stop at Timmy's).
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    The only place where you can mix Alcohol and Live Ammunition and its called a "Family Outing", Texas
    throw the alarm across the room

    contemplate going to class
    (depending on how rough the last night was if to rough i just get back in bed and wake at noon but if ok i move to the next step)


    brush teeth

    go to class

    go back into my room because im either walking naked to class with no books or i have on underwear with no books

    get dressed

    get books

    go to class

    i do all this in about a 5 min span
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    Ok lets see. Now that I have this new job...

    10:00am- wake up to pre-rise alarm. Drop ECA with 16-32oz water.

    11:00am- actually get out of bed.

    11:02am- Take morning leak. Ahh, all hail the 90 second flow.

    12:00pm- Breakfast. Varies.

    1:00pm- Saturday Night Live on E.

    2:00pm- Shower, shave(if I need it) and then fix food for rest of day.

    2:45pm- Leave for Gym in Sacramento. Pray that its a 30 minute drive and not a 50 minute drive.

    5:00pm- Go to work, soaking in photographic chemicals for hours on end and being accused of not knowing what I'm doing even though I have a degree in it. I've loaded HUNDREDS of sheets of 4x5 film and all of a sudden 4 consecutive sheets are ruined? **** you. THats never happened to me, not once. Something is wrong with your equipment, not your employee. Eat me.

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