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Thread: please help a skinny man in a fat body!!

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    please help a skinny man in a fat body!!

    hey everybody

    i'm 20yrs old 5'9" 160 lbs
    im a skinny guy with all my fat on my chest, lower torso, thighs. i want to shed all this extra baggage, especially my man booobies. ive always had skinny weak arms, but think i have a solid foundation to build on.
    ive been running 1.5-2 miles on the treadmill at 6mph, and walking .25 at 4 mph to warm up and cool down. this is 3-4 days a week.

    my main goal right now is to cut the fat, and then put on some lean muscle mass. ive been doing pushups and crunches. and all i have to lift is a barbell with around 75lbs of weights, and one dumbbell.

    does anybody have advice on what i should eat before and after cardio, and how much and when?
    and if i should be changing the amount of cardio im doing?
    and any recommended exercises i could do with the equipment i have?
    i want to work my chest,back,shoulders,bis,tris, pretty much all that i can

    im tired of being a skinny man in a fat body, I wanna get RIPPED!! please help!

    thanks for any advice, it is greatly appreciated

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    the cardio you are doing is a good start. maybe try to switch it up and do some swimming some days. eat some carbs before you do your workout. drink water or gatorade during. as for the chest back shoulders etc., check out the WBB #1 program.

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    Your body type sounds very similiar to mine. I took an extreme approach to get rid of my bodyfat and "man boobies". Might not be recommended and I'm sure experts will steer you away from such a routine but it worked for me.

    1 hour INTENSE cardio first thing in the morning seven days a week for two years. Eat and apple before doing it and have a couple of glasses of water. Do this at 75%-85% of your max heartbeat (You can find out how to get this via google).

    Once you have had your final meal of the day do another hour of intense cardio exactly the same as you did in the AM. The evening cardio only needs to be done five times a week.

    For the chest I use to do 5 * 30 press ups prior to cardio in the AM twice a week and then 5 * 30 press ups right after. Work on getting the rests in between sets down to under a minute.

    I also drunk a lot of caffeine which does help with getting rid of fat but is dangerous if drunk in large amounts. It increases your heart rate which could cause problems when doing crazy intense cardio.

    Eat very clean and very limited. Also work a weight routine into this. You will be totally drained for these few years but its worth it for a lifetime without man boobies!!

    I'm not an expert (far from it) and this is probably the wrong way of doing things. It just worked out for me but maybe I was lucky.

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    I'm imagining you don't have much muscle to lose eric, but if you take NOPowerPaul's advice and 2 hours of cardio @ high intensity a day, you will probably create a large caloric deficit, but I'd imagine you'll be devastating any muscle you have.

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    If you dont have much muscle mass, id say eat more but train at 3+ times a week and get 160+ grams of protein in a day. Youll gain a lot of muscle in the first couple months of training and that will help boost your metabolism. You can then cut this spring and do HIIT training to get the excess fat off and youll be good for summer.

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    yeah no way should it take you 2 years to cut the maybe 10 pounds you want to get rid of. You may be better off focusing a little more on the weight lifting side of it, its much easier to put on muscle mass when you have a little extra body fat to leech energy from. I'm with craig, weight train now, worry about cutting during the warmer months when your gonna be worried about wearing less clothes.

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