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Thread: Want to Compete, need some help

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    Want to Compete, need some help

    Hey all
    I am a new member here. I am currently in the military but should be getting out in July. I want to start college and get into weight lifting. I will going back to Florida for school. My question is, does anyone know any colleges with a good program? I competed a little in highschool and then stoppe for a while. I have been training for the last 8 months and have gained a bunch of muscle back. My current stats ae below. If you have any suggestions let me know please.

    Age 22
    Height : 6'4"
    Weight now : ~215
    Bench: 300X3
    Squat: 275X3
    Deadlift: 355X8

    My squats are really low right now because of a football injury to my back. I just now started doing squats again within the past 4 months.

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    Good program for what?

    Weightlifting (the sport, what they do in the olympics)?
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    Weightlifting or Powerlifting. Whatever I can get involved in. I did the olympic lifts in High School and enjoyed that. I want to go to a school that has a program there but I dont know any good ones in Florida.

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    A couple google searches should hook you up with a powerlifting group in florida.
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    pretty much all major colleges should have a powerlifting or oly lifting team or group-type thing... at least thats how it is in the midwest.
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