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Thread: US Government Releases New Food Pyramid!

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    US Government Releases New Food Pyramid!

    Wow, they may be keeping up with the times.

    Some highlights -

    "Eating fewer calories while increasing physical activity are the keys to controlling body weight," the guidelines said.
    Really? All this time I thought it was sleep

    The new guidelines also encourage people to eat whole fruits and vegetables rather than fruit and vegetable juices.
    You mean 30 condensed oranges with added sugar isn't good?

    Controlling calories not limiting carbohydrates, as some popular diets recommend is key to controlling weight, the panel said.
    There goes my low carb menus.

    "Eating too much sugar is a significant cause of obesity, and sodas and other things like that, in children particularly, is a big problem," Barnett told Raviv.
    Kool-aid man says, "Oh no!"

    Although this is a step in the right direction, I must say that I'm amazed it took them a whole year to come up with a set of recommendations.

    Eat whole grains, not bleached.
    Eat whole fruit/vegetables, not sugar-added juices.
    Eat less sugar.
    Workout more.

    What is apparently missing from this article is the word "protein." I wonder if they have updated their requirements for active individuals on that. I guess we'll see.

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    Sweating and grunting...where you should be.
    lol, uncle sam....i think everyone should just come to WBB and they'll all be healthier
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    the basic problem isn't issuing a federal guideline about what you should do

    I mean really, how many of us have actually taken the time to consult federal guidelines for what we should eat/drink/do.

    The basic problem is getting people to learn for themselves what works and what doens't in terms of diet and exercise. By doing their own research and, *gasp* actually DOING these things.

    Honestly, you can't say you're suprised that such a load of drivel was issued by the government? They're not there to do anything useful, after all - they're just there to get re-elected.

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    Well Cal, I agree with you that they're incompetent for the most part, but the government recommendations will affect one thing - school lunches.

    Perhaps if I have children (look out world), they'll have a better shot at eating well in school than I did. I used to get a plate full of french fries for lunch everyday rinsed down with soda. I'm hoping with proper guidelines it may be easier to combat the obesity of America's youth via at least one route. Perhaps I'm being too optimistic.

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    pack lunches for your kids

    problem solved

    I was too poor to buy lunch at school anyway so I HAD to brown-bag it

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    If you were that poor in America you would have gotten your school lunch for free, sucka. Like me!

    Also, if you're that poor it isn't like you're going to be able to afford to pack a really nice healthy lunch. A bag of chips is cheaper than vegetables and fruit. Peanut butter on white is cheaper than turkey on wheat.
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    ah, but they've banned peanut butter from schools here.

    I agree Gal, it will have a impact. It will be taught in the schools, doctors will refer to it when consulting with people on their diets, even the fitness industry will use it. It's amazing how often I see the pryamid posted up in gyms.

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