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Thread: Whats your opinion....

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    Whats your opinion....

    on this home gym? I have thought about many different types of things and figured this is a good start for a home gym. The Power Rack I am purchasing off of ebay comes with a barbell and about 250lbs of weights so I am going to purchase about 2 more 45lb plates and thats it.

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    I'm very lazy, rather than post links could you just write it out and post the pics here? I saw your last post with tons of links to gear but I couldn't be bothered going to all those links...if you write it all out then I would be more more inclined to offer an opinion (I think I speak for others on this also!)

    like this:
    Yukon freewight gym
    frame with chin up bar
    95lb bar
    255lbs of cast iron weights (2 - 45lbs, 2 - 35lbs, 2 - 25lbs, 2 - 10lbs, 4 - 5lbs, 2 - 2.5lbs)
    two straps that attach to the chin up bar that can be used for crunches and other various exercises
    a sqaure bar that I am not sure what it is for but I think can be used for curls or maybe a squat
    a thick rubber mat that fits underneath the whole gym

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    I hope to god you aren't gonna have to pay for shipping!

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    Sweating and grunting...where you should be.
    better thant he last getting a bench right?

    EDIT* nvm comes with rack
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    I wouldn't bother with the preacher curl bench. What about a cable system?
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    yeah i'm going to purchase a new ironmaster bench with the ironmaster dumbells and maybe a lat pull down machine later sometime.

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    don't waste your money on those dumbells. just buy two dumbells and collars to fit the weights you have. 1/10 the price or less and there is almost no limit to the weight you can put on them

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    I didn't search for it, but how sstrong is the barbell? Will it suit your strength?
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