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Thread: Order of Routines

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    Order of Routines

    Hey guys,

    I'm getting back into weight training after a 14 months layoff and was hoping you guys could answer a quick question:

    When I used to work out a lot, I used my own routine for a little while and then got great results with WBB #2. During the time when I was not working out I lost a LOT of muscle and size (I'm an ectomorph, and my calories and exercise levels dropped severely, hence the mass loss).

    I'm thinking of going back to WBB2 because it worked great for me last time, I just want to know if this is ok, or is it really necessary that I go back to WBB1 before I do WBB2?

    Thanks in advance

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    no its fine. Dive into it. no reason to do a certain routine before doing something entirely different but with a suffix of "part 2"

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    Wbb#1 and Wbb#2 are just different names. Start with whichever one you please.
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