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Thread: Online mag preference...

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    Online mag preference...

    What's the most informative online muscle mag worth checking out? I've looked at Ironman, but it doesn't seem as innovative or informative as it was years ago. Pain in the A enough to read a mag online, so which one's worth the effort?

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    They're all full of garbage. Same crap that's on the paper stands. I would read the Wanna Be Big website articles.
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    Good point; haven't bought one since the late 80s & still remember they were mostly ads well before that......liver tabs, tiger milk, panther suits & whatever that bar was that Arnold was bending while 3 babes clung to him.

    At least the online stuff is free; course, so is BS usually

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    i order mens health.. i like it
    some nice tips..
    and besides i got it for cheap.. 10 bucks for a full year
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    There are occasionally good articles at T-mag.

    Other than that, I don't really know of an online 'mag'. Is Thinkmuscle still around?
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    Im with paul, Tmag is the only one that i read...sometimes. And only articles that spark my interest.
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