Well I'm only 16 and I've been having some tearing of the lateral meniscuz on my left knee, and I've been living with it for about 1 1/2 years now. I've been playing football ever since i got it and weightlifting, and well I was supposed to get surgery a long time ago like 1 year ago to be exact but I never did since I dont want to have to sit out for about 2 months. Well back then the pain and swelling was pretty bad, but now it only hurts a little bit at times liek when I get tackled around the knee, and sometimes when I'm powercleaning, my question is, are there any long term effects of leaving an injury like this untreated?? Is it ok If I just leave it as it is and do nothing about it? Or should i just get surgery, which some MRI's i took show I need but personally I dont think i need it anymore since it doesnt hurt soo bad. So PLz give me some advice or tips on what should I do bcuz I dont want to be like 20 years old walking with a cane.