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Thread: Any Personal Trainer? Gym Teacher? Or Exercise Science Majors In Here?

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    Any Personal Trainer? Gym Teacher? Or Exercise Science Majors In Here?

    Any1 Here Any Exercise Science Major Or Something Close To That?

    If So Does Any1 Know Of Any Ways To Obtain There Degree For That Online?

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    find a school that offers that course online, take it, complete it.

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    Call ISSA, they are VERY good at returning calls, and asking if you are still interested, for several years.
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    Do NOT get an online degree. If you're interested in exercise science bro, get a college loan and go to school. As far as personal training certifications many organizations exist, however, I recommend you get a good scientific background and knowledge base in the form of a degree from college in this field to go along with the certification.

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    I 4 1 Wood Not Get My Degree Online. U Do Not No How Credebul Online Coarses Are.

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