The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Itís no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Another critique my routine thread

    If you please, I think I am missing some things.

    As requested: My routine and why I do these crazy things.

    I always warm up to my higher weights with a few sets of lower weight higher reps at beginning of a workout to get the blood flowing. I am having shoulder problems right now, but otherwise I would try to throw some one rep max attempts in there for variety. If you are having problems with form swallow your pride and lower weight, poor form is asking for injuries and just not worth it. All exercises are performed at a fast controlled steady pace or explosively. Always seek to add more weight to your lifts at a steady pace. Do not over train or train too often, let your body rest and heal up. I usually leave a day in between weight training sessions.

    Legs and Lower Back Day

    Full squats -
    I start off with these, with lower weights at first to warm up. I go ATF and rise up fully moving at a steady controlled speed. Feet shoulder length apart, knees and toes pointing in same direction. I usually start off doing some body weight squats, then the Olympic bar, then adding more weight as I pyramid down in reps.

    Jump Squats from Standing
    Crouch a little, then explode upwards as high as you can, and tuck your legs up at the top of the jump.
    Feet shoulder width apart.

    3-4 sets of ten.

    Sumo Squats - ATF Option
    The ATF option combined with sumo squats really target your hamstrings and glutes. Use a wider stance with feet outside your shoulders, flexibility may limit range of movement. Everyone loves gluteal work and this hits it nicely!!!

    Usually 5*5 routine.

    Explosive Jump Squats from ATF
    To be done after non-explosive jump squats.
    Drop down fast, pause very very briefly then exploded upwards.
    Unweighted at first, then with weights. Get 6-12 inches off the ground.

    Usually 5*5 routine.

    Either the Sumo Squats, Sumo Squats ATF or Explosive Jump Squats from ATF are usually performed. Routine can be switched up.

    Deadlifts - Sumo stance deadlifts option
    Hopefully you had good form on your squats and your lower back is not sore.
    Start off with bar to get blood flowing.

    10* 1/3 of 1-rep max
    10* 1/3 of 1-rep max
    5* 2/3 of 1 rep max
    5* 2/3 of 1 rep max
    Cautious max out attempt.

    Maxing out on deadlifts should be taken cautiously as it is risky and can potentially lead to injuries if you are not careful. Form must be perfect. I don't recommend this to beginners. Intersparsed with these sets I reach down and touch my toes to stimulate blood flow, do not actually stretch the back muscles statically until the working sets are completed. Massaging the lower back with your knuckles in small circular motions also help stimulate blood to the area.

    Can either be shoulder width stance or sumo stance.

    Gluteal Extension Machine
    2-3 sets of 10, at a weight where I failed at about 12-14 reps at an explosive speed.
    Don't think I need to explain why I do these.

    Calf Raises
    I've heard people say whatever amount of reps, but I do three sets of ten so I can remember, easier to write down later.

    Chest Day + Some Shoulders Day

    Hammer Curls
    Pre-Exhaust biceps before doing chest, seems to work better than not. Oh well.
    2-3 sets of 8-10 where I near failure at the end of the rep range.

    Elbows closer, leaning forward for tricep work.
    Further away from body, upright stance for chest work.

    Bench Press

    Incline Bench Press

    Overhead Press - Military Press - Arnold Press

    One of these. 2-3*10.
    Switch grips for variety.

    Chest Flyes Machine



    Upper Back and Abs Day

    Pull Ups - Chin ups
    Vary grips, also alternating pull ups.

    Lat Pull Downs
    3*10 - Vary Grips

    Seated Cable Rows Or Bent-Over Single-Arm DB Rows
    3*10 - Vary Grips


    Decline Sit-Up Option 1
    Decline bench, arms folded across chest, explode upwards for a sit up.
    Alternating Decline Crunches Option 1
    Same as above just touch elbows to opposing knees.

    Hanging Sit-Up - Alternating Option 2
    Explosive, bring both knees to chest.
    2-3 sets of 10-20.
    Hanging Leg Crunches - Alternating Option 2
    Explosive, bring both knees to chest. Alternate by bringing one knee at a time up to your chest.

    Explosive Sit-Ups Option 3
    Lie flat, arms at sides. Explode forwards and touch your toes.

    Lieing Crunches Option 3
    Lie flat on back, legs outstretched, but a few inches off the ground.
    Hands behind head supporting it but not pulling it.
    Bring the legs in towards your chest while simultaneously crunching in and touching elbows to knees.
    Easy to do, lots of reps.

    Alternating Lieing Crunches Option 3
    Same as above, just touch elbows to opposing knees while bringing only the opposite leg inwards.
    Easy to do, lots of reps.

    I do a combination of any of these options.

    No direct tricep exercises, elbows don't seem to like it. May pre-exhaust arms with curls again before back session.

    Plan to start doing some Cleans soon.
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    Wow, horrible formatting, let me try to unmuck this.

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    Neck training once every 1-2 weeks I guess.
    Grip training involves overhand grips on the shrugs, or whatever grips I switch it up to like I mentioned.

    I sometimes do rollerblading sprints and interval training a bit in the summer, I need a new pair of skates....stretching ....I'm naturally flexible I guess and I do that whenever I feel like, which is like once every few weeks, hahahha!

    Edit: I am training for strength lower body, rehab and hypertrophy in upper body pretty much. Speed and explosiveness are also great.
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    Someone is telling me sumo squats are bad for me, anyone else hear of this?

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