I've been doing a lot of research lately into sport psychology, namely the link between mind and body, with some interesting results and revelations.

But I've also found some disturbing trends, regarding Humanity in general. Of all of it, the entire Satanic movement seems to carry the most fearsome banner.

At first, the idea of Satanism brings the usual stereotypes of pentagrams, goats blood, sacrifices, etc. But that's not the case. The truth is a bit scarier.

Satanists don't worship Satan the same way Christians worship God. Satanists follow the example of Satan; its like an extreme form of Nietzsche-ism with the Devil as the icon.

At first glance, the ideals it espouses aren't bad, per se, but after considering what it preaches, you get something that feels coldly hollow and empty. Man is an animal in the biological sense, yes, but can we be nothing more? That's what scares me.

I saw a book the other day that I really want to read, called "The Lucifer Principle." It deals with what the author calls Man's inherently evil nature. He defines history in the sense of this evil. According to him, evil is as natural to Man as eating or breathing. Considering our history, and even recent events, this seems logical. Lucifer is always there, for better or for worse, motivating our actions.

But this "evil" isn't always so clear-cut. The same anger that drives us to murder also stimulates our greatest creations. Chaos is life, by its very essence-- random chemicals in an unimaginably harsh environment, forming cells; a few cells clinging together; a primitive hominid learning to use tools; its all the same. Life overcomes the inertia of the Universe, which is entropy. Chaos triumphs over the trend to slow and stop. That's what life does.

On the other end of the equation, we have the Asian/Indian arts. At the core of these ideals are peace and tranquility. The life essence, called prana, chi, or ki, is harnessed to achieve harmony with all things. Life is order. Yet, this cannot be. The life energy stems from the Universe, from the material things. The Universe is chaos. How can one derive order from utter chaos?

Therein lies the dilemma-- which is the way? Chaos, the embracing of our animal instincts, the ideal that we are intelligent, vicious apes and nothing more? Or the way of discipline, to control and reject our base nature, to be in harmony, yet to lose that spark of vitality that makes us great?

There has to be a way to walk the line, like the Tao, the balance between light and dark. Total control will lead to a bad end just as surely as total chaos. The question is, where do we find this balance? When does too much become too much?

Science approaches the metaphysical realm more and more each day. At this point, we know just enough to speculate about the foundations of reality, and the picture is intriguing. Quantum mechanics speaks of a world that is the very essence of ordered chaos. A beautiful symmetry of harmonics that is repeated like a fractal from the smallest level to the largest. Its very humbling to think that all this, that everything, is a cosmic symphony, very literally a song with 10^100 intricate, finely tuned instruments.

Yet we are a product of this song as well. If matter and energy are truly nothing more than exchanges of information, then we are in a unique position to fundamentally control and change everything.

The entire point of this rambling is that Man is more than an animal, despite our biological heritage. We are a part of the Universe itself, and it is a part of us. The song that is the cosmos is sung in our minds and spirits. We became more than an animal the moment we first looked at the stars and dreamt. And we hold the power inside us to move those same stars. There is evil in us, yes, but repressing it or embracing it totally is not the correct way. We must harness it, using it as it is required instead of allowing it to consume us.

By doing so, we can achieve anything and everything we desire.

I need a beer.