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Thread: The BEST way to run??

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    The BEST way to run??

    how should i be running to burn the most amount of calories??

    i use the treadmill about 3x a week and usually walk at 4mph for .5 mile, run 6mph for 1-2 miles, then 4mph for .5 mile. sometimes il change it up and run at 7 for a half mile or something... i end up burning around 300-400 calories.

    can you do hiit on the treadmill? like walk at 4 mph for a while then run at 10 mph then walk and etc. or is it best to just run at a constant speed for as long as i can?? if hiit is the way to go, how long should the intervals be??

    thanks for any help!

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    to burn the most calories in a "session" the answer lies in heart rate and speed
    however calories can be burned post cardio and that is more impacted by the interval intensity/duration which is what makes HIIT a popular option.

    there are a bunch of articles that cover intensity/duration of interval training. I wouldn't jump on the HIIT bandwagon without doing more research into your personal needs. There are tons of threads on this already with plenty of areas to reference studies, just use the search tool.

    I would assume the extended calorie burning effects of HIIT have a limit.
    So if you do 15 minutes vs 30 minutes your not going to be burning 2x more calories, vs with traditional cardio where if you do 2x you will burn 2x more.
    but thats just an assumption.
    If its true then extended cardio would be better than HIIT although not as time efficient.
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    i dont know how to run on a treadmill. i tried and almost slipped off.

    however, i use to run 50-60 miles a week when i was a serious runner. and i find its good to run a constant speed with moments where you continue to push without letting up. for example, many people will run hard for half a mile, then casually jog for the second half. whereas if you find a pace that is inbetween and focus on keeping that speed, you will maintain a steady heart rate, which will burn more calories. of course it takes many runners a few weeks to find a good groove and make it their pace. after finding your pace, running sets at shorter distances (800m is good enough) at that rate will help muscle memory to remember your pace.

    again, no treadmill knowledge, but i imagine the focus will be less on speed and more on heart rate if burning calories is your concern.
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    If you want to do HIIT I suggest you either sprint outdoors (fartleks) or use an exercise bike.
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    I use the treadmill for HIIT, i do 1 minute intervals of 19kph and 10kph for half an hour, and the results were fantastic at first, but peter out after a few months (once i reached some kind of plateau)

    HIIT will lower your resting heart rate, and i think helps with fat loss as you sit around doing nothing. I have also read but not verified that having a better VO2max allows you to oxidise fat quicker. My RHR went from 60-70bpm to around 54bpm

    What Aka26 does on here (and he is THE researching machine) is some normal running cardio other days, and every 8 days do an HIIT session. I follow suit

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    it is just a matter of choice...some people hate hiit..some people love each their own like geoffgarcia mentioned..don't jump on the hiit bandwagon some research..and come to your own conclusions...good luck

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