I have recently begun a 'serious' bulking phase for the first time. I often used to say I was bulking but i never realised how much food it takes. (That's right I was one of those "I eat so much but I cant gain Muscle!" people.

Well I have finally learnt the error in my ways and I am eating properly (about 3500kcal a day)

one question I have is what is a realistic weight target for me to attain?

I know this is a subjective and quite an individual question but I don't want to be unrealistic about where i'm going.

I am 5'8" and currently at 180lbs with between 10-15% body fat (depending on what method of measurement I use)

I guess I am a person who cuts easier than I bulk but have recently seen progress with my new eating plan

One final thing I play American Football and I play safety (although I should mention I play in the UK where the sport is not as serious as in the US) although I am very serious about my training and want to make the best gains possible.

Basically I tend to use powerlifting methods as I have read these are more useful for a football player. I am currently using the Chad Waterbury 3 day a week method from www.t-nation.com. basically only using compound lifts.

Sorry about the long post but I thought I would give as much information as possible.

Any thoughts on a realistic weight target would be much appreciated

Many thanks