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    yesturday i looked at myself in the mirror and damn i noticed that i didnt have a six oack,(not even a 4 pack) im kind of have some fat around that area, si w.e i decided to to build some muscles around that area u know so i could loose all the fat and turn it into lean muscle, with no rolls like the uy frim Michellin.................yeah so i tryed the machine in the gym that works out your absm the weighted one, and i wuz wondering cause since my friend does like 100 but weightless i felt like i had to do the same thing, but since i cant even do 40 reps well i had no idea how many sets of abs and how many reps should i do to lower my fat and tone down my me pls
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    how's your diet like? cardio?
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    you aren't gonna get the washboard abs with just sit-ups/working the abs...abs are more dependent on total body fat %....less body fat the more your abs cardio is more important to abs then ab work
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    To show your abs, you need to drop bodyfat.
    When it comes to training abs, I train them the same way than others muscles, except that I feel abs respond better to little higher reps scheme, so about 15-22 Rest Pause DC Style for me
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    i always felt a nice workout in my abs after running 3.1 miles in cross country. running that much also lowers your body fat so i think that would be good for you. you might lose some muscle though.

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    so i guess is running like crazy, eating a little less ( i know ill loose some muscles but fuk it) and sit ups for me then

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