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Thread: Some Curling PR's

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    Some Curling PR's

    Some PR's on the seated EZ curl bar curl. Only my second time doing them. ThanX all for the encouragement!!

    1-14-05 Friday Biceps (Some more KILLING)

    Didnt have much time today, so just got some biceps in. Biceps were feeling sore before I even began the routine but just ignored it and KILLED THAT ****!! I did seated EZ curl Bar curls for the second time, but this time went up to 180lbs. Theyre definately harder then preachers and keep the movement strict. Also have to curl the weight off your lap from a dead stop. For my set with 180lbs I curled the weight up first then sat down with the bar in that position. Heres the routine:

    Alternating Dumbbell Curls:


    Seated EZ Curl Bar Curls: (Weight lowered to upper thigh then back up)

    120x8 (Soreness interferring. Then I said **** it!)
    140x15 (PR)
    160x10 (PR)
    180x5 (PR)
    170x6 (PR)

    PR's since Im new to this movement.

    Hammer Curls:


    Cut it short due to time and excessive soreness. KILL THAT ****!!

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    Good job. Maybe you should start a journal?

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    How about other body parts?
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    Don't focus so much on curling.
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    make a journal.
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    walking beast your serious....keep killing that*****!!!!

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    Walking beast is the man!

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    I think his back/legs are a little messed up (injured). Beast isn't a beginner (as is obvious by the numbers he puts up), I remember him from Elite.
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    I gotta tell you beast, I've stolen you're motto for my personal use in the gym when I lift. I don't have a lifting partner so I have to provide something extra on the lifts when I could potentially drop it on my head.

    Nice on the PR's btw. That's some sick curling.
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    What's with the "KILL THAT ****!!!" at the end of every post?

    What kind of weight can you curl with an Olympic bar standing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris mason
    What's with the "KILL THAT ****!!!" at the end of every post?

    What kind of weight can you curl with an Olympic bar standing?

    Just a little extra motivation! Ive done 205x3, 185x9 and 135x17. Cheat barbell style. Completely strict I dont know. I only weigh 200 so 205 would cause some body sway just to stay balanced. Ive done preacher curls with 160x10 and 170 for reps also. Probabally stronger now, havent tested those in a while either. I havent done heavy barbell curls in a while since my back has been giving me problems, and arms have increased alot since then.

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    good stuff.. do you ever do close grip weighted chins for arms?
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    Just looked over your journal, is there any reason you do not work legs?
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