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    routine organsizer

    Hey all, I've got a bit of a prob.,... i normally train 3 days a week... noticed that muscles were aching wen i was training other body parts so i decided to switch it up... but now im back and college so i need to switch it up again...

    can i train like this and still gain? Yes im eating loads etc... just will it be ok to train like this? ive split my leg and tricep day into 2 seperate days...

    Sunday OFF
    Monday train chest + biceps
    Tuesday Legs
    Wednesday OFF
    Thursday Triceps + Abs
    Friday train Back + Shoulders
    Sunday OFF


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    I don't see your other "leg" day.

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    try it and see if you are making gains. if you are, it works

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    Everyone is different in the "What-works-for-them" department. Trial and error is the best (albeit time-consuming) way to go.
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