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Thread: This a good body building plan?

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    This a good body building plan?

    I started doing weight lifting about 3 months ago, still ate junk food and such, not much protien, not much water or anything and I have seen small gains in muscle, well I read around and found protien shakes and creatine.

    What I would like to do is speed up metabolism, I'm a little on the heavy side, I think, I am a bit flabby, I am 201 LBS 5'11 but I am quite broad.. or so I am told. I think I should be like 175 or something. Want to lose weight first, then start gaining muscle more, be lean I suppose.

    Eat 1-2 eggs in the morning, with water 8:00
    Drink protien shake, take creatine 9:00-10:30 maybe 11:00
    Eat a tuna fish sandwhich at lunch 12:00
    Then eat another tuna fish sandwich at around 3:00
    Then have salad at 5:00(tomatoes, romaine lettuce, carrots, turnip you know)
    Not sure what to eat between 5:00 and 12:00 to keep up the pace.

    Is this decent? Am I ahead of myself?
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    I'll let other people go in detail.
    But your calories are way to low.
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    adam is right. calories are too low. get a good routine such as wbb 1, and read the sticky about what a bodybuilder eats, and eat that type of stuff. find out what your maintenence calories are and subtract 500 from that to start with. see how that goes and adjust as needed, but make sure not to go to low. if you want to slim down, make sure to throw some cardio in as well

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