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Thread: why am i so weak

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    why am i so weak

    heres the deal, ive been working out for about 2 years now and ive been eating a lot of calories for a while too and also did a m1t cycle. i do the wbb workout #1 four times a week and i cant seem to gain anything size or strength wise, so whats my problem and what could i do to get better, rioght now the most weight ive done are 205 bench 235 squat and 315 dead.

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    i'm confused. wwb1 is a three day split. how are you doing it 4 times a week?

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    Your problem is you're not eating a lot of calories. Regardless of how much you think you're eating, it's just not enough.
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    maybe your not pushing yourself hard enough. take a week break and come back more fired up and work your ass off.

    drink alot of water.

    eat alot of food.

    if you need to supplement with creatine and protein powder or maybe a weight gainer powder if your having trouble gaining.

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    yeah i figured that might be the problem so i guess im just gonna start eating as much as possable and make it good foods too, and yeah wbb#1 is a 3 day split but i just end up doing one split twice a week

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    yup, im with BCC. you might bbe eating alot, just not enough to gain.
    Eat more.
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    it is also possible to over exert, what other physical activities do you do other than your workouts?

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    hey dude i gained 23 lbs in a very short can be done so dont get down on your self just yet...just ask yourself a few i lifting heavy enough?am i getting enough rest?am i eating around 3500-5000 calories a day?am i getting around 200g of protien or 1lb per body weight?am i using weight gainer shakes,that can really get you started right....try some of those suggestions and post some new pics of the bigger you in a cuple months...i know theres a beast in you somwhere you just gotta feed him right heh..
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    thanks for the good words pal. i am doin pretty much everything you listed and ive and ever since ive started eating around 3500 to 4000 calories a day ive gained around 6 to 9 pounds so thats cool, im really serious about getting big and strong right now i think the only weak link is in my exercise routine (WBB#1) which is a beginners workout i hear from some people and also my lifting partner situation. where when im not at school i go alone and have no spot so i cant max out or go for extra reps and when im at school my roomate i go to the gym with is a puss who i basically have to sell him on going with me everyday and dosent push me at all to do better seeing as how hes not serious and could care less that he can hardly bench 135.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace7644
    ...when im at school my roomate i go to the gym with is a puss who i basically have to sell him on going with me everyday and dosent push me at all to do better seeing as how hes not serious and could care less that he can hardly bench 135.
    Why would you even want to go with a person that you must first "sell" or motivate to go with you? I wouldn't want them spotting me or going with me even for 15 minutes. They would probably act like a total child and want to leave after 30 minutes of exercise. It'd just slow me down.
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    And perhaps you are overtraining if you are doing the split 2 times a week.

    Also, you don't need a lifting buddy. You can usually ask someone to spot you.

    And ditch the roommate as a partner. Don't ever go with someone who is unmotivated.
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    DC training for strength and size + lot of calories and protein.

    You will grow from that, size and strength, 2 for the price of 1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace7644
    rioght now the most weight ive done are 205 bench 235 squat and 315 dead.

    Those are very respectable lifts man...


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    Be like me and eat until you explode =) But lucky me I dont get fat so EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK. Also go with someone who likes to workout. Since sometimes I workout with the team it really help cuz we just lift till we are about to die doing low reps but heavy weight FOR US which works out really good in the strengh department. So just do some low reps with a lot of weight and a good person to keep you motivated. Dont worry man I used to only bench 135 when I started and now im at 205 which for me is ok I guess since I usually dont have a chance to workout. And in squat I could do a woman like 225 but now I'm at 335 which is ok for me. So yea just work out hard and go with someone who keeps you motivated that way you get pumped up and work out really good.
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