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Thread: Beginners Routine Opinions Needed

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    Beginners Routine Opinions Needed

    Hi hows it going
    I got this given to me by a fellow bodybuilder and i need some advice on this workout.

    I know your new to the game, but basically 5x5 is well renound fior being excellent at bringing both strength and size gains. This 5x5 is arranged differently to the traditional split which only has you hitting each muscle group once a week. This way by hitting each muscle group 3 times in 2 week each muscle group will grow 78 times in a year as apposed to 52 times, which means by the end of the year you wil obviously end up bigger...

    Its very important you use free weights and compound movements, stay away from machines in general and especially on a program like this.

    The weight stays the same for ever set. Up the weight by 2kg on every excercises every time you repeat the workout. (progressive overload) Start with a fairly light weight, and things will progress very quickly. Sonn you will be lifting triple what you started at if you keep addign weight every tiem you perform that excercise.

    incline bb press 5x5
    military press 5x5
    cgbp 5x5
    chins 5x5
    deadlifts 5x5

    squats 5x5
    sldl 5x5
    stabnding calf raise 5x5
    barbell curls 5x5

    UPPER (new excersises)
    dips 5x5
    push press 5c5
    skullcrushers 5x5
    pullups 5x5
    bb rows 5x5

    LOWER/BI"s (new excercises)
    front squats 5x5
    lying leg curl 5x5
    seated calf raise 5x5
    alternating db curls 5x5

    WEDNESDAY repeat day one........

    And the cycle continues.....

    What do you think.
    Advice needed.

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    i am going to guess that you are a beginner. i don't agree with your friend. only add weight if you can. if you can't, then keep working until you can. and you don't have to go up by 2kgs on everything. you may find that you can increase one lift by 2 kgs, another by 3 kgs and one by zero. you have to see how your body responds. you can go ahead and try your friend's routine, but i don't think that it will work as well as you seem to expect. you may be better off with wbb 1. just my thoughts though. you have to make the decision

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