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Thread: 30lbs in 30 days inquiry

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    30lbs in 30 days inquiry

    Sorry in advance for the large post, just want to be specific. FYI, suffered a closed patella (kneecap) fracture (actually shattered) in 08, 2 surgeries later if have recovered since, but I can only do light weights and no more than 45 degree squats for my legs. I usually workout my legs through physical therapy exercises/cardio and sports (very active). Ill start with my routine...
    *last 2 sets of all exercises are my heavy sets which fail by said # w/ use of spotter.
    **Everyday begins with 15min Cardio followed by a short circuit then the lift**
    -Pre-workout Circuit- 50 push-ups (varying reg/wide/close grip)/15 pull-ups (varying reg/wide/close grip)/ab routine of choice x3 no restÖ

    -Monday (Chest) Barbell Bench- 135 1x10, 185 1x8, 225 1x3, 275 2x4. Barbell Incline- 185 1x6, 225 2x6. Dumbbell Flat Bench- 85 1x6, 100 2x6. Barbell Decline- 185 1x6, 225 2x6. Cable Crossovers. Dips 2xfailure

    -Tuesday (Back) Seated Cable Rows- 140 1x10, 160 1x8, 200 2x6. Lat-Pulldown- 140 1x10, 200 2x6. Seated Machine Row- (alternating arms) 115 1x10, 160 2x6. Dumbbell Bent-over Row- 85 2x10. Standing Barbell Curl- 45(bar) 1x10, 95 1x8, 115 1x3, 135 2x6.

    -Wednesday (Legs) ** Physical Therapy exercises, will be controlled weights from now on (squats, lunges...)

    -Thursday (Shoulders) Seated Dumbbell press- 55 1x10, 70 1x8, 80 2x6. Smith Machine Upright Row- 95 1x10, 115 2x10. Machine Military Press (alternating arms) 115 2x8 *Superset* 80lb dumbbell Farmers Walk (around gym). Shrugs. Machine Chest Press- 180 1x10, 240 2x6.

    -Friday (Arms) Standing Barbell Curl- 45(bar) 1x10, 95 1x8, 115 1x3, 145 2x6. Weighted Dips- 25 1x10, 45 2x8. Seated Incline Dumbbell Curl- 55 2x12 (alternating arms = 6ea) *SuperSet* Single 70lb dumbbell curl 2x10 (Same form as concentration curls but 2 hands on 1 dumbbell). Barbell Bench Close-Grip- 135 1x10, 185 2x8. Standing Cable Curls- 50 2x10 (alternating arms). Skull-Crushers- 75(incl. bar) 1x10, 115 2x6.

    *I go 8 weeks on this routine and then take a week off to give my body rest/recovery and just do cardio/cross-fit in order to stay active that week. I'm 25yrs old, a military police officer and a navy Command Fitness Leader (CFL). I weigh 220lbs, and my bp max right now is 295. I've done this routine for 2 years now, and after trying MANY different routines, this one has proven wonders for me and those that have trained with me. This routine takes about 1.5-2hrs per day. I do not vary my lifts whether I'm bulking or cutting, just nutrition/supplements differ and during my cutting session, I add more cardio. I'm not worried about being the "powerlifter" of my gym, but hitting 3 plates plus (315+) would be nice. I've been stuck on 295 for like 4months and itís frustrating. I'm pretty happy with my size and wouldn't mind getting a little bigger, but I'm about to start cutting. Any advice on how to increase my max a bit before I start cutting? I was thinking about trying the "30lbs in 30 days" routine but I was a bit concerned with the supplements involved (primarily the weight gainer) as they don't exactly match my current goals. Also I am going to start to add Deadlifts into my routine (supplemented planks and other core exercises because of injury). Where in my routine should I add them in order to avoid interfering with other body parts... I'm completely open to constructive criticism... Please only educated/experienced responses please as I train many sailors and welcome references.

    Iím a new member and love this website so far. Thanks again and sorry for the long post...
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    No love??

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    The 30 lbs in 30 days routine may not meet your requirements. It is a specialization routine and as such has you limiting all other work while increasing your bench. If you aren't willing to eat in excess, limit all other lifting, and just focus on increasing the bench, then a more all-around plan might fit your needs better.

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    give it a try its only a month, something different might be what you need, just eat, it didnt do anything for me but my bench was stuck for a long time and still is, and now my shoulders are junk but not from that routien.

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