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    Calorie Count


    I need some help. I am 22 yrs old. Height:5 pounds 10 inches. I weight 156 - 157 pounds. Two years ago, I used to wight 264 pounds. Over the period of 3 months I lost 66 pounds, and in another year I lost 44 pounds. Few months ago I gained 17 pounds, which I lost in 3 weeks. As you can see I have been on very staving diets. After the last diet I first started taking 800 calories a day, I couninued increasing it slowly. So I finished with 2400 - 2600 with not gaing weight.. At the begening of the month, I started going to the gym. I have a goal of having 176 - 186 pounds. Afcourse I want to gain muscles not fat. At the moment I am taking about 3000 calories on day. My food is very, very high on proteins. I eat a lot of fat free chese, egs, chicken etc. I work put 3 times a week between 150 - 180 minutes per training. I have moderate active life, besize that.

    My question is can you tell me number of calorios I should take? What I may not eat? SUgars, are they realy so bad, because I like sweets very much? Fruits, can I eat it as much as I like?

    Thnx in front!

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    Hi there

    You have a lot of reading to do. It's in here. Use the search, then post up your training and your diet. We'll help you from there.


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    Well you lost a ton of weight, congradulations on that. Gaining weight without fat is simple caloraic surplus coupled with free weight traning. Take it slow and keep it clean. Sugars are not bad if aten in moderation, fats and sugars have taken the rap because of the sheer lack of education about them. Fats are very important in any diet. The key is the calories, not what they come from so much ( but alittle you know ) but how many their are. 800 is asking to lose lean mass so if I were you id never go below 1500 and wouldnt push past 3000 unless you have found through training and time that its what you need.

    That doesnt mean however that a box of twinkies every day is necessary, you can induldge but keep it in moderation. The general ratios are proteins being 30-45%, carbs being 30-40% and fats being 20-30%. Now these are not what to live buy but wrather a general suggestion about how to structure your macronutrients. No one can give you those ratios but your body, but keep around those ones until you can get a good feel for how your body responds to messing with them.
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    Thanks, Ill do that.


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