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Thread: Exercises of a True Physical Culture by Chip Conrad - Jan 18th 2005

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    Exercises of a True Physical Culture by Chip Conrad - Jan 18th 2005

    The modern workout routine is steeped in aesthetic conquest, gleaned from years of too many Muscle and Fitness magazines promoting workouts that zoom in on body parts for the main purpose of pageantry. Give some of the following exercises a try and see where you stand. You might find yourself suprised!

    You can find it here:

    Discuss and Enjoy


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    Interesting article, cant say that I have performed any of these exercises, but I may incorporate them

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    Awesome. Functional exercises at their best.

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    A good read, no offense to the writer in the slightest but they're trying to get people to incorporate these lifts by dissing the way a majority of people train, and not by backing up the theories with evidence...sure someone bent pressed 370lbs by training this way...which is very very impressive, but if they trained as hard at military press i'm sure their genetics for strong shoulders would also show through. The undebatable truth is....that bodybuilders are now bigger than ever....powerlifters are more powerful than ever...and strongmen are stronger than ever. I'm not saying old school exercises like these don't have their place among weight lifting, as evidently they do...but i personally wouldn't advise anyone to train solely in this manner.

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    What does 'solely in this matter' mean? With weights? With speed? Through chains of motion instead of body parts? How do you think strength competitors train?

    Any of the mentioned exercises can supplement any program greatly. Traditional bodybuilding is as functionless as can be (who cares how big they are if they can't actually move?), but powerlifters and strongmen are utilizing old school techniques more and more (Heck, those sports ARE old school, where do you think their sport originated? The swing and bent press were both Oly lifts at one time.).
    Chip Conrad
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