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Thread: Rate my routine, there's a prize.

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    Rate my routine, there's a prize.

    *Note that I am going for Mass gains*

    Monday: Chest and Biceps
    1. Bench Press 3 X 6-8
    2. Dumbbel Pullover 3 X 6-8

    1. 3-4 X 6-8

    Tuesday: Rest

    Wednesday: Triceps and Back
    1. Weighted Bench Dip 4 X 25

    1. Bent-over Row 3 X 6-8
    2. Chin-up 3 X 6-8
    3. Shrug 3 X 6-8

    Thursday: Rest

    Friday: Thighs and Calves
    1. Squat 3 X 6-8
    2. Straight Leg Dead-lift 3 X 6-8

    1. Standing Calf-Raise 3 X 6-8

    Saturday: Rest

    Sunday: Forearms and Rest
    1. Reverse Curl 3 X 6-8
    2. Reverse Wrist Curl 3 X 6-8

    1. Basketball 5 times a week
    2. Crunchs 250-500

    O yeah, and here's your prize.
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    I hate cheap people.

    In terms of exercise selection I'd opt for some different movements. For your chest, I'd take out the pullovers and replace the exercise with heavy incline flys. I'd also lose the bench dips and do some real dips or some close grip bench presses. You want to really smoke the triceps. This can only be done by placing the triceps in a position where the load is going to actually overload the whole triceps head. You don't get big or strong triceps by doing cable pressdowns or bench dips.

    One more thing, for the biceps, I'd use a couple movements to stimulate this muscle. One that places the heads in a stretched position (incline dumbell curls) and one that works on keeping the tension somewhat the same throughout the entire ROM. This being one armed cable biceps curls.
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    ^- cant have any better advice than from the WBB routine maker himself.
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    Actually, I like the routine as given with the exception of the forearm work not really being necessary.

    That said, if you are looking for mass playing basketball 5 times per week is not optimal.

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    And 250 - 500 sit ups isn't going to help with mass. Try high weight, low rep sit ups, etc.
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    Only one heavy exercise per muscle group? I"m curious if that will be enough to stimulate growth.

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    doing squats in the curl rack
    Why not move the calf raises to the same day you are doing forearm work. You'd probably have more energy to hit them harder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DNL
    Only one heavy exercise per muscle group? I"m curious if that will be enough to stimulate growth.
    It is. I know I grow best this way. I'd rather do 3 exercises in my workouts and be able to really focus on having the right volume/intensity/rest, etc. than doing 6 or 7 and rushing through them (granted I do hit most muscles 2x a week and don't keep a fixed number of reps/sets).
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    if you are looking for mass, i think you should be posting in the diet forum

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