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    I have modified the WBB1 a bit to fit my home gym a bit better and I was looking for an answer to a specific question on adding a lift.

    I am on the 10th session of this workout and have seen decent gains in looks (subjective) and weight lifted, although minimal weight gain. This is mostly do to losing flab and not eating/sleeping enough . Each ex is setx2 reps 6-8.

    The mods are based on available equipment. Going to a gym is not feasible do to time restraints and work hours. Other equipment will come slowly (I'm just a lowly public servant) do to budget.

    Hack Squats
    Leg Curls
    Str leg deads
    Standing Calve raises

    Military press (bar)
    Upright shoulder rows (bar)
    Narrow grip bench press
    Dumbell lateral raises
    French Press
    Bar Curls
    Preacher curls (bar)


    Flat bar bench
    Decline bench
    Incline bench (added 3 sessions ago)
    Str leg deads
    Bent over barbell rows
    Wide grip lat pulldowns

    Day 5


    Start back as day1

    My questions are:

    1: Am I helping with an added setx2 of inclines on chest day? I start with a low weight set of 12 dumbell flys for stretching.

    2: Could I be overworking certain parts? Specifically the deadlifts? I have made huge gains in weight over the 10 sessions (from 185 to 245 on back day). Maybe switch to regular deads instead of str leg on one of the days?

    3: Any other suggestions, comments, flames, pokes, jokes or tokes would be greatly appreciated.



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    I would use the program as long as it works as a whole. Then I would suggest that you make some changes according to how you feel and your progress. My question is, why did you add another chest movement to the routine?
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    I guess I only added it because I was assuming inclines worked different aspects of the chest.

    I now know that they dont necessarily target anything different and are probably just a waste of time.

    Thanks for the response and a great program.

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