ThanX all for the encouragement!! Really 3 PR's, but a very small one. My best attempt with 400 so far, just missing the lockout. Cant fight the weight as long now with my lower back being all pulled out and shoulder pain, so I rerack sooner then before. Also hit 330x8 and a 5X5 PR with 330. ThanX all for the encouragement!! The exerpt from my journal:

1-20-05 Thursday Chest And Abs (15 Mins Cardio) (KILLED SOME ****!! 2 more PR's)

Turned out to be a good workout overall. This was my closest attempt with 400. I should of had it, very ****in close. Just a small movement from lockout. Not this week though! I hit some more PR's however. I hit an extended 5X5 with 330 and also hit 330x8 which was a PR. Considering 330x8 was my 12th set its not bad. I dont usually rep with 330, 335 is the closest to that weight I usually rep with. 335x6 was my best. Also I took the suggestion of lowering my reps for one rep max warm-ups. I cut my 225x12 warm-up set down to 6 reps only. And 275 got cut down from 8 reps to 5. Seemed to work well this time. In the past it caused me to be weak. My training partner always does this and benches 455 at 185, though in a much different looser form, so I figured Id give it a try. My protein has been at a consistent 200+ but calories arent as high as I would like. So I was a little lighter at 195 on arrival, and 196 after some water.I had planned to drink a gallon of milk a day, but I slacked. Mostly for all the calories from the milk. Calories are the largest weakness in my diet! Heres the routine:

(195lbs on arrival to gym before meals, 196 after some water) ("Speed Stack")

Flat Bench:

225x6 (Cut it down from 12 reps)
400x 3/4 (Just missed lockout. Closest attempt so far.)
400 (fail)
400 (fail)
365x1.5 (tried for more, but chest felt fatigued with heavier weights tonight)

Extended 5X5 Routine With 330lbs: (Each set taken to failure)

330x8 (Revenge PR!!)

(15 sets of flat bench)

Hammer Strength Wide Chest Machine (plate loaded):



Seated Ab Crunch Machine:


Roman Chair Sit-ups:


*15 Minutes Cardio On Stepper*

KILL THAT ****!!