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Thread: Loosing strength fast...

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    Loosing strength fast...

    Since last July I've been on a diet..cut down on my calories, junk food, fast food etc. I've lost a total of 45 pounds. Still loosing a bit, but very slowly now.

    Along with the weight loss my bench press decreased about 35 pounds, I know you can't grow muscle if your loosing weight. I don't mind getting the slim toned look though...should I do a higher rep range instead of low. Something like 12-20 reps...

    It's just too hard to be pressing heavy weights, 6-10 reps on this diet...

    And like I said I've kinda given up on being "big". But some good muscle tone is all I want.
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    you can still eat a decent amount of cals without gaining fat if they are can 'grow' muscle while losing (fat) weight. they go hand in hand, the more muscle you build the more fat you will burn, therefore the more calories you will be able to consume. how old are you? height weight? if you are going for toned and lean, stay towards the higher rep ranges with lower weights, but im sure you probably knew that.

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    Beast is right except for the last sentence. I had a bad diet, wasn't eating enough when I started working out, and I increased strength, actually grew muscle, but because I wasn't getting enough calories, I became leaner at the same time, and the strangest part about it is I stayed the exact same weight the first 2 and a half years of lifting. What I would do is get an average of how many calories you eat in a week, then after 2 or 4 weeks, find out how much your weight changed, and decide if your caloric intake needs to be changed. To concentrate on NOT losing strength through your cut, focus on heavy weight in the 3-8 rep range. The only thing different about higher reps with lighter weight is you burn more calories from performing a longer set. 4 HIIT cardio sessions per week should replace that line of thinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Titanium_Jim
    Beast is right except for the last sentence.
    :withstupi High rep ranges with lower weight does not promote getting lean. A low fat diet is what promotes a lean physique.
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