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Thread: Least Favorite Lift

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    Shrugs and hamstring anything. Tricep exercises piss me off a little too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ianack4life
    Any exercise that I suck at, I hate...its just so demoralizing.

    by your theory, i hate all lifts. but there's one that i hate so much more than all of them combined.. bi curls..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrispy
    lateral raises

    they kinda hurt my shoulders

    make me feel weak

    they're boring
    that reminds me. i hate lateral raises too. its so hard to go up in weight. plus they also hurt my shoulders a bit. i got some tendonitis there too.

    i also hate rear lateral raises and workouts for the rear delts or front delts. a lot of pressure on the elbows especially with front delt raises.

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    Upright rows because they put so much pressure on my elbow. I don't do those. I love skull crushers but I cant do those either because of my elbow.

    Other than that, I hate working my back, but suck it up and do it anyways. And I absolutely despise lunges. I'll stick with single leg squats.
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    i dont like dips and pullups
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    Lunges for me, just got done with them and no matter what kind of shape I'm in I always hurt bad afterwards.

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    i dont hate anythign or anyone.. but i do dislike any excerise where you have to pull ie curls.. back.. hammies.. but i do them anywyas cause no bb is complete without them..
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    Sit ups / crunches or any ab excercise. So boring, with painful burning. Any time I'm using a DB, BB or maching I'm having fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrispy
    lateral raises

    they kinda hurt my shoulders

    make me feel weak

    they're boring

    They are pretty boring. Actually, I can't really stand doing too many isolation exersizes.

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    Pretty much all isolation exercises.
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    Leg curls. Also, deadlifts only because they are the most painful. I do like the results from them, though.
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    oh yeah somebody said upright rows. if that's what i'm thinking of i kinda like them but sometimes when i pull up my right wrist pops out. it's weird. that happens sometimes when i'm bowling. i bring the ball back and my right wrist like pops out of place and back in and its so painful. but it only hurts for like a min. afterwards.

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    My least favorite lift is the last one in a workout because I know it's gonna be a while before I get to workout again.

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    Last week I hurt my collarbone doing dips, so I'll say dips. I can do 3x8 with bodyweight or bw+5, but I never feel really solid doing them.

    I like being done with deadlifts, but I don't like doing them. I've started scratching up my thighs near my knees with the bar on the way down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadian Crippler
    I love curling, I wish I never found this place because it has made me more knowledgable therefore cutting down on my curls.

    I hate high rep squats, anything more than 9 reps just kills me.
    i love curling 2 how can you guys not like curling c'mon now!
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    Favorite: Closed chain exercises.
    Least favorite: open chain exercises.

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    I hate Squat.. Yeah i said it. I was pushing 225 like 2 months ago and lost my form at the last rep. There was this immense pain at my lower back that i had to take a whole week off.

    So now i'm afriad to do heavy deadlift (it could be a mental thing.) Now i just do front squat and really heavy leg press.

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    SHRUGS!!! I hate shugs.

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    my logic is, if i dont like it because it is "to hard" then maybe it is me that needs to change NOT the exercise. Meaning if you hate squats cause they hurt or you cant do enough weight, why drop the exercise? why not spend a couple months working with them and THEN make your decision to continue?

    I dislike calf work, for 2 reasons, they truly do hurt more then all other exercises and i have never gotten good progress from them.

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