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Thread: First things first...

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    First things first...

    A semi-rant. Any posted routine; what's near the top? Chest/pecs. Whats near the bottom or end of the routine? Abs. And yet there's a lot of talk of wanting abs, a six pack, losing the gut. All ok, but IMHO, for beginners etc. at least develop some degree of pec definition and preferably chest thickness before worrying about the abs. Granted, if the gut is bigger than the chest, then there's work to be done; primarily diet. If anything, develop a chest for summer over the six pack. If you can get 'em both, then more power to you.
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    haha. really what exaclly was this?
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    Hmmm, you saying to lose fat before going for 6 pack? Do both at once I say.
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    I understand completely. I never work abs directly. I have a nice visible six pack. But I mainly squat and deadlift and do pullups so WTF would I know. My diet is awesome too. Tonight, I've had food from the beer, gin, and whiskey groups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MixmasterNash
    My diet is awesome too. Tonight, I've had food from the beer, gin, and whiskey groups.
    Your diet is lacking in rum, so it could be better.
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