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    Wannabe Strong

    Just took a look at the wannabe big training routine one, and I wish I had found it this morning before I went to the gym!

    First off, my stats:

    Male, 18 years old, 228 lbs, 6'3". Unsure about bodyfat percentage. I am not fat really, I used to be, but since 2002 I have managed to drop from around 300lbs down to my current state. I am not certain about any max lifts. I did bench last month and was a meager 195.

    (I made a post in the new member intro board for more on history:

    I have been hitting the gym at least 3 times a week since around late September/early October 2004, but until now I have had no real direction. I work out with a guy who has been big and strong since highschool as he played a lot of football and wrestled. I never did many sports in highschool, which I regret like hell now, but I would consider myself atheltic.

    I am VERY resolute to get strong over the next few months, years, hopefuly for a lifetime. I have always been a big kid, but it wasn't until recently I realized how weak I physicaly am when it comes to the gym or lifting.

    I was sick all last week, so maybe that was it, but Ijust felt weaker than I should be this morning when I went in.

    I am thinking I should just start with the WBB routine 1 next Monday, seeing as it seems to follow a Monday-Weds-Fri lifting schedule, which works wonderfuly for me now, I have school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I don't go in to work until noon on M-W-F, it seems like the ideal schedule for me.

    I do not get enough sleep, I know this, and I am eating a lot of carbs I know this. I don't eat junk food, I have one "cheater day" where I can eat a little junk on poker nights with the guys, but that's it. I try to limit my intake of artificial crap

    Anyways, since my job gives me freedom to go online and theres some occasional downtime at work, I figure I can post my workouts and diets and sleep for the day.

    It's pretty embarassing how weak I am for my size right now, but that's why I am here; my goal is to get much stronger within the following weeks and months and to make strength training a part of my life.

    Today's embarassing lifts and food intake and rest will come later tonight...

    -Thor K.
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