So I'm 130 lbs, obviously trying to gain weight. I've always heard that you need at least 1g protein per pound of body weight, and that's obviously not a problem for me cuz that would only be 130g a day, which doesn't seem like that much.

For me, it's more a problem of getting too MUCH protein. I've figured out that I need about 2400 calories a day to gain weight, but if I only have 130g of protein a day, that's only like 20% of my calories, and that leaves a lot of carbs and/or fats.

My question is, would there be anything wrong with me getting like 200g of protein a day, which would be like 30% of my calories, then getting like 50% of cals from carbs, and 20% from fat?

200g for me is a little more than 1.5g/lb, and I just want to make sure it's not too much....