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Thread: How much "poundage" should I increase each week?

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    How much "poundage" should I increase each week?

    I'm in my testing phase... (just to see how i could do)

    Bench presses--95 lbsx8 then 95 lbs x6 (till failure usually at 6)
    Deadlift--85 lbs
    Squat--80 lbs

    Approximately how much should i increase each bench went up quite a bit, i added 2 pound plates to each side each week.

    Week 1
    65x8, 65x6
    Week 2
    69x8, 69x6
    Week 3
    73x8, 73x4
    Week 4
    73x8, 73x6

    Week 5
    77x8, 77x5
    Week 6
    80x8, 80x6
    Week 7
    84x8, 84x6
    Week 8
    88x8, 88x4
    Week 9
    88x8, 88x6

    Week 10
    92x8, 92x6
    Week 11
    96x8, 96x4

    Roughly 4 pounds added per week, is this too slow guys (for the bench)?? And is it okay if i do the same (+4 lbs) to the squat, and the deadlifts too....? What "poundage" progression is best for maximal strength increases

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    Seems like you are doing great with the progress so far. Just remember, you won't be able to add as much every time forever. Just add what you feel you can lift. Somedays you may just want to add reps, some days 5 lbs, sometimes 10. Whatever you can do.
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    I don't think there is a set poundage that you should go up every week. Obviously, the 4 pounds a week worked pretty good for you. I usually just look at my workout and decide how much i think i am capable of for the number of sets and reps. That's been working out pretty good for me.

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    I ready an article somewhere that stated it's better to increase weight in very small incremants (ie. .5 - 1 lb) instead of the normal 5 - 10 lbs that most people do.

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    It all depends on where you are in your training, how advanced you are, rep ranges, and how long you want training cycles to last.

    beginners can add more weight to the bar, as they tend to progress faster...

    people with BIG lifts can often add more weight to the bar, because it's a smaller percentage.

    More advanced folks, or folks who want to progress on a particular lift for a very long time may only add a pound a week or a pound every two weeks.
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