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Thread: Upper/Lower Body 4 day weekday split. Need critique.

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    Upper/Lower Body 4 day weekday split. Need critique.


    I was originally on another 4 day split (shoulder/bi, legs, chest/tri, back) and experienced some real good gains. However gains in the upper back, chest, triceps, and hamstrings have almost seized. I made this split, but am very unfamiliar with how an upper/lower body split should look like, both volume and exercise wise. I also realize lower body days may be lacking in comparison to upper, yet I am unsure what else to include or increase. Please critique, thanks.

    Note that I am mainly training for size (if that matters).

    MON Upper body
    4 sets BB Bench Press
    4 sets Bentover BB Rows
    3 sets DB Shoulder Press
    2 sets OH DB Extentions
    2 sets BB Curls

    TUE Lower body
    4 sets Squats
    3 sets Leg Press
    3 sets Leg Curls

    THUR Upper body
    4 sets DB Bench Press
    4 sets Pullups
    3 sets Seated Military Press
    2 sets Dips
    2 sets DB Hammer Curls

    FRI Lower Body
    4 sets Deadlifts
    3 sets Lower Back Extentions
    3 sets Calf Raises
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