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Thread: another routine question?

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    another routine question?

    well im putting a new routine together because of school and other things, so how does this sound
    Fri-off or some cardio
    Sat and Sun off
    Im wondering if the weekend off is to much? thanks

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    How about

    Mon - legs/calves
    Tue - chest/tris
    Wed - cardio/off
    Thu - back/bis
    Fri - shoulders/abs
    Sat - off
    Sun - off
    Edgar V.

    So you don't wanna get big, do you?


    "If your arm measurement is currently 13 inches, you are worrying about the wrong things. Quit comparing to others, quit worrying about little details, get your ass in the gym, work as hard as you can, then go eat something. Repeat until huge." - Paul Stagg

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    I like Edgar's routine looks like a winner

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