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Thread: Getting the six pack

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    Getting the six pack

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum or for some reason I have made an error about the post.
    To get to the point I'm 15 and have been body building with weights for the last two months and a bit. My weights are 7 - 8 kg basically my goal is to achieve a six pack. It would be helpful if I could get some advice on my work out my diet and anything else that needs corrected.I must warn you now I'm a complete newby to this.
    Here's my workout:
    Circuit Training
    200 crunches
    70 press ups
    Latts - Three sets of ten
    Curls - One set of twenty and two sets of ten
    Triceps - Three sets of ten
    Pictorials - Three sets of ten
    Reverse curls - Two sets of 40
    Standard lift ups - There sets of ten
    Same as wednesday
    Same as wednesday
    Same as wednesday

    I had a natural skinny build that is not impressivly muscular so I have already seen a lot of results.
    (If there's anything else I should add then please tell me)

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    For weight training i would say try WBB1 its a good routine. If you really want to get the six pack you have to have a good diet and low bodyfat...
    What is your hight and weight than maybe we can help you a little more and your diet
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    Here's something you should add: knowledge. Read all of the WBB articles, read the post on the site, and read some more.

    No offense, but your routine is basically worthless. You can make much better progress by doing significantly less stuff.

    The journal / I live here.

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    cut block extraordinaire
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    Right on^

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    Nash is right, it (your routine) could be greatly improved.

    Try not to work abs by volume, add some weight, drop the number of reps and decrease the amount of time u are in the gym (making your goals easier to obtain). Think of it this way, when you bench do you set a rep number and weight and do it from week to week? NO! (i hope you dont) YOu set a number of reps/sets and increase weight to match it, and as you progress the weight increases. do the same for your abs. pick a number (i do 3 sets of decline weighted crunches of 10-15 for abs) and add weight till you cant get your rep range WITH proper form.

    Stress the muscle out with weight, dont bore it with high reps. And you will grow much much faster.
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    boxing - ull lose the fat

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    how can you work your lats with 7-8kg?
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    Ok thanks guys it all helps.
    Just a couple of things I need to clear up.
    1). Should I upgrade my weights to 10kg? My body is capable of dojng so.
    2). I have been told that to get the best results you should rest a day before doing another workout with weights is this true?
    3). Is 10Kg enough for lats?
    When it comes to weight and height I'm 5'6 but I don't have any working scales for weight. All I can tell you is that I was a skinny figure but I'm probably medium build now. My diet consists of most things moderately healthy, meat (especially chicken - protien), vegetables and fruit. No sweets, biscuits, crisps or anything elsealong those lines.
    Thanks much.
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    As Nash said try WWB#1. Don't just throw any number for the weight you are lifting, lift as heavy as you can for the number of reps you have planned (in your case 10). Also different exercises require different weights you cannot just use 7-8kg for every exercise.

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