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Thread: Will adding deads help improve squats??

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    Will adding deads help improve squats??

    Hey guys I have been working out now for about 6 months and I have made some great progress. Over the last few months my workout has consisted of cardio and lifting. I have built my lifting routine around compound movements suck as squats(ass to the grass), bench press, bentover rows,pullups and the military press. I have finally decided to add some deadlifts to the mix. So the question that I have is tha will doing deadlifts benefit my squat or any other lifts for that matter?

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    Oh by the way I have been hanging around this site quite a bit for the last 2 weeks or so So I promise not to ask any nebie questions about how to best work my upper inner chest!

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    DL's will improve everything....

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    it will help you have a big deadlift most importantly. which as a powerlifting forum is very good.
    some people opinion on how much it can help squats will vary.

    if you do excessive deading (eg to much volume or just very intense) it can leave your lower back very soar. which hinders your squat. well it hinders mine due to my back stiffening/siezing up before i got my desired reps out.
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    It can do both. Deadlifts themselves will make you overall very strong. You will be working many parts that are also involved in the squats, such as hip flexors, spinal erectors, all other core components, legs, etc. Deadlifts will simply make you a stronger person in my opinion.

    However, doing heavy deads, and heavy squats in close proximity could hinder both. You can do them seperate days, but if going heavy, I find that it can be overly taxing on the spinal erectors. Other alternatives, if you are doing them in the same workout, is to alternate heavy deads and light squats, and vice versa every couple weeks. OR, you could deadlift heavy for 2-3 weeks, then take 2-3 weeks off and squat heavy for the same period of time.
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