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Thread: Lagging Chest?

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    Lagging Chest?

    I have been bulking for months and I've gotten some nice size. I've let some people on this site and see my pics and some people have said that my chest is lagging.

    I work my chest out in many different ways, but I always hit it very hard. My legs and chest always get hit incredibly hard.

    I really don't know what else to do to improve my chest. My bench is weak compared to my other lifts and it seems like my chest just won't get big and strong.

    the only thing i could think is that maybe i overtrain my chest, but i really don't think so.

    all advice would be great.
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    Current Stats

    24 years old

    5'10 220 pounds

    Waist: 38 Shoulders 56 Chest: 47 Arms (cold): 17.5 Forearms: 13.5 Quads: 26.5 Calves: 16.5 Neck: 17.5


    BB Bench: 315 @ 215
    Squats: 410 @ 205 (last winter)
    Deads 515 @ 214
    Total: 1240

    My Journal:


    Intensity: Lunch comes up! And breakfast! MET- Rx! Egg whites! Hot Stuff! Designer Whey! Yohimbe! Coenzyme Q! L-Carnatine. MTCs. OKG. All immersed in a mixture of stomach acids that peels the ivory off your teeth.

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