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Thread: Emmit Smith

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    Emmit Smith

    Retired today after signing a one day contract with the Dallas Cowboys.
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    Good to see he retired as a Cowboy, though he should have done his whole career there.
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    I thought he maybe hung around too long, but he had a great career none the less

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    Emmitt Smith was awesome.... But his career proved that a running back is as only good as the offensive line. When the Cowboy's had an awesome line, Smith was UNSTOPABLE. When they didnt, he got no where.
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    Very true... and as an offensive lineman i love to hear that lol

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    Excellent career and athlete, I hate the cowboys anyway hehehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by TBone4Eva
    Good to see he retired as a Cowboy, though he should have done his whole career there.

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    personally i think he was a good RB...but held on too long and should never have left dallas (with everyone else above) there are many other RB's who should be and are greater than he was...but u can't hate on those SB rings....
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    He was a great RB... now he is just average. If there weren't so many great RB in the game now I don't think people would think he held on for too long.

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    I don't think he was the best but he was pretty high up there. But, even though I've never been a Dallas fan, it's hard to not like Emmitt because he was a great athlete, gave it his all, and showed a lot of character on the field. I'm glad he got to go out on his feet instead of to an injury.
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    yea he was the only player in dallas i ever liked, while the rest of the team was getting caught on drugs and all that mess back in the day (irving, etc) He just played. I read about it last night, I dont think he wanted to leave but when he wasnt being resigned he decided to end it.
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    Had to admire the guy. He used to KILL my Giants
    every time. It wasn't just his line either. I remember
    many instances of him breaking tackles, slipping
    tackles, spinning out of tackles, and racing to the
    endzone, to my horror.

    Glad my Giants don't have to play him ever again.

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    There was a Top 10 Emmitt Smith play list on ESPN a few mins ago... that guy was amazing.

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    Emmit's a legend.
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