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Thread: Test effects

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    Test effects

    Ok. So Whenever I'm making great gains, I feel spectacular. However, the is testicular atrophy. No, I'm not using gear. I'm just wondering if my body's natural test levels can do this. Also, I notice if I stop working out for a week or two, my libido goes nuts. Meanwhile, when I am working out, I have only the faintest urge to get busy. I've done some reading. Is this due to the fact that my test converts to estrogen after a time and that's why I get that way? Just looking for some affirmation to my assumptions.
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    You should not have testicular atrophy. That occurs when your natural test production is shut down. You're haven't taken any gear so this is not the issue. Your loss of libido is most likely due to overtraining or diet.

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