Maybe someone could diagnose me

I know I’m writing a lot, but I am impressed at the knowledge and assistance of many of the members on here and would like to get any feedback I can from you.

I’ve always known something to be not quite right with me, but never knew what. Ever since I was young I had various nagging physical problems. By any standards I am quite a healthy individual, 27 years old, 230 pounds…strong, athletic…I also box, have gone as many as 15 rounds of fighting in one session, and competed in the golden gloves and won other tournaments…Play basketball, football, etc…but I fight through A LOT of bothersome things and feel like no matter how hard I try I can never be my ultimate best because of them.

Starting with Osgood-slaughters disease when I was about 13, which I then developed condromalacia patellae in my knees. Because of this it weakened my knees and I dislocated my kneecap twice, once when I was 16, once when I was 23. Visited doctors, who took x-rays and always say it appears that nothing is wrong, and all I need to do strengthen, the muscles around my kneecap but Ive been doing so forever and no improvement.

Often had problems with focus and concentration starting at a young age, although it seems to have improved a bit up to now.

This may just be a cause of overworking my legs, but I have some type of tendonitis in my lower legs…any stressful activity on my calves, ie running, jumping, will leave them sore for a week, EVERYTIME. I read about something called compartment syndrome, which seems like a good candidate for my symptoms. I mean when I play ball and get shins splints and lactic acid buildup in my calves right away.

EXTREME muscle soreness and or D.O.M.S. I can do the same activity day in and day out, week in week out, and ALWAYS be sore as hell the next day. I cant do any demanding activity two days in a row because of it.

Insomnia and inability to wake up early. Just what it is. Its like waking up from a coma when I have to get up at 7am.

At times a very low sex drive….being a raving maniac when I see a bangin chic in the street, then when it comes time for the deed my sex drive is not as high as it should be…although I have no problems with getting an erection and keeping one, I often times don't have the physical drive and excitement.

Fatigue. Sometimes I just have no energy. At time in my head it feels like my blood circulation is lagging, like I’m a bit hazy and my head is heavy. I almost always have to take a nap after a long day if I want to box or have a real good workout.

I read about testosterone levels (this would explain my low sex drive and energy) but yet, I am a VERY fast gainer, a hairy bastard and can be quite an aggressive machismo at times. So I don’t know if that is the case. But I have been thinking that there may be some hormone issues with the sex drive and energy.

I am not sure if anyone has any suggestions, of if all my symptoms can be tied in to a specific ailment. Or if anyone can make sense of the info I have given, but if anyone has some ideas that would be a start. Thanks.