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Thread: What's the word in multivitamins?

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    What's the word on multivitamins?

    Do they provide a good source of vitamins amd minerals? I read an article a few years back stating that they were next to useless.
    I've just started taking centrum complete (or something like that), which has all the vitamins and minerals your body needs every day. I do also eat a lot of fruit,veg and oats.
    So what's the deal, are they as indespensible as some say?
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    could you post what you read? i know most people here believe they're important. i take one serving daily in addition to a great diet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Max
    I read an article a few years back stating that they were next to useless.
    Whoever wrote that article is full of sh!t. While the general "diet" of humans will provide most of the vitamins and minerals you need, what YOU eat each day probably does not. A multi-vitamin is just a good way to help you reach the minimal vitamin/mineral recommendation each day for all essentials.
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    I would say it is the most essential of all supplements.

    It can give you a boost if you are deficient, or at the very least safeguard against becoming deficient, and perhaps getting sick, or having low energy levels for training. It's one thing to eat a healthy diet, but when you train regularly you are putting greater demand on your body, requiring a greater than normal amount of nutrients.
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