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Thread: Recommend a good multivitamin?

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    Recommend a good multivitamin?

    What's a good, standard multivitamin? Is GNC MegaMen any good? Centrum Performance?

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    The idea of a multivitamin is to supplement what should already be a healthy diet. It's basically just playing it safe and accounting for the fact that not everyone can eat as well as they'd like to day in and day out. In other words, it doesn't really matter. GNC's is very good, but probably a little more pricey than is necessary. I use Costco-brand and I know a lot of others on this board do as well.

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    yes vido is correct...the brand of multi really doesn't matter...all and all they are basically the same...i use centrum just cause its what my mom buys so don't sweat this question too much...
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    I really like the Opti-Men multi by O.N.

    Vitamin World's version is real good too. If you look at the profiles, all vitamins are really not the same at all.
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    I do not feel all multis are the same. I think a lot of products skimp on the ingredients that a hard training individual can use and include a bunch of crap they don't need.

    Our product only gives you what you can use and in the right quantity.

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    I use hasnt failed me yet
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    read the label and count the number of preservatives

    I have seen bottles of Centrum with 8-10 synthetic preservatives

    I don't like the idea of taking toxins daily

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    I would do a search because there have been multiple discussions on Multi-vitamins that you would find helpful.
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    yea.. i dunno how many times i have typed
    'i use costco brand multivitamin'
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