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Thread: PL potential

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    PL potential

    Hi Guys,

    I'm relatively new to PLing <6months and I've been trying to build up my maxes using a few diff techniques. My lifts are:

    Box squat 110kg
    Close grip bench 90kg
    Deadlift 120kg

    I way approx 80kg. I know I've seen some stats of psychos like Phil Harrington and also the PL org website with comp results, but I bust my ass off trying to get those maxes..

    I'm joining a PLing club at my uni this semester and there are some pretty big lifters there (world competitors) and just wondering what I could expect to gain in approx 6 months? Given I have had no formal PL training before..


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    It varies way to much person to person.
    Train hard and find out.
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    work your ass off and eat like a monster.

    you'll probably grow fast since your still pretty new.

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    Yup just eat, work hard, and eat

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    your deadlift should blow up if you are realitively new. Mine has gone up a good 40lbs

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    ^ what they said + make damn sure you've got form down correctly and go!
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