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Thread: Deadlifts and isometrics????

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    Deadlifts and isometrics????

    Ok, bare with me cos' I don't know much about muscle phyisiology or whatever. Basically something puzzles me somehwat about the deadlift. Is it in fact the case that you are working your lower back in an isometric fashion, which is completely different from how you work every other muscle on your body in weight lifting? In other words your keeping your back straight, and not exercising it by repeatedly bending then straightening it, like you would with a curl, or squat..etc, so 'isometrically'.
    Obvioulsy the muscles of the lower back can and are used to straighten the spine, but with deadlifts (unless you use poor form) the lower back remains straight and un moving throughout the exercise.
    I've read that isometrics is good for strength training, but not hypertrophy. So I'm guessing that you're effectively making your lower back stronger, without it getting much bigger. Am I right?
    I think this makes sense from a biomechanical viewpoint. The back remains straight, which does require strength, but the glutes and hamstrings do the moving. Result: A strong, healthy back that knows how to stay straight, and let the legs do the moving.
    Just wanted to verify this, cos' although the deadlift is a 'lower back' exercise, I don't think (and I could be wrong) that it's really training the lower back for much hypertrophy. Also it's primary use, I believe, is that it gives the bodybuilder/power lifter the neccesary core strength to perform practically every other major exericse a lot better.
    Does anyone know what I'm talking about, am I right?

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    On a deadlift your lower back is mainly in an isometric contraction. But when you go heavy you almost always bend your back a bit therefor giving it a little ROM.
    You could do excercises to isolate the lower back somewhat....but its very diffucult.
    I ussed to do GPP work with bands to hit only lowerback.
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