This is my current chest/arm routine, i do this every 3rd day.

All of the below are done in first set - 12, second set - 8 and third set 6

Incline bench
Incline dumbells
Decline Bench
Decline Dumbells
Cable Cross over
Tricep rope pull-down
Tricep V-bar pull-down
Tricep nose-breakers
Tricep dumbell ( behind head )
Dumbell curl
S-bar Curl
S-bar front curl

That is day 1.. day 2 i do Shoulders/leg and day 3 I do back.. than go back to the above routine.

But i am looking to make my chest and arms outragiously huge.. and was told that lower reps on heavier weights with some rest between exercises works optimal for this, whereas doing fast, many reps with little rest between exercises tones arms but acturally makes them smaller.