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Thread: Questions about Running routines.

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    Questions about Running routines.

    Sup guys,

    Well last week I started running again and basically I'm aiming to lose the fat and get lean (mainly towards abdomen and oblique area). Well I've been running every other day for about 3 miles within 30 minutes. (I know hella slow don't laugh). Basically you think this is a good routine I should keep doing in order to get lean? What do you suggest? I heard that many people suggest running a longer distance without worrying about time or such a high intensity level. But, I have also heard that I should run a shorter distance (probably one mile in my situation) but with a much more higher intensity and time-wise.

    Well yea..thanks for the help in advance..I appreciate it. :thumbsup:


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    Diet is going to play a much larger role in losing the fat than cardio will.

    That being said, the 2 best types of cardio imo are HIIT and low-intensity for long durations.

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    what Vido said, do a search on HIIT, the forum has a fair few threads dedicated to the topic.
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