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Thread: Ambitious Year End Goal

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    Ambitious Year End Goal

    when i started serious weight lifting, right around the time i came here, i set some year end goals. all were relativel reasonable save for maybe one. heres the deal...

    when i first found my 1 rms my max bench was 135, it would have probably been lower, but i have used light db's (20-40#) before i started lifting seriously to do iso exercises(too light for compound). also im pretty fat, like 25-27% bf. ive always been strong, part of this i attribute to the massive (yet healthy) eating that i have had through my life. my year end goal (maybe i shouldnt have started BULKING, but what the hell, im doing what i wanna do.) seemed like a longshot(and still does, but i dunno) Anyway, in 4 weeks my bp is up to 155 1rm. thats a very rapid gain, granted im new to good lifting practices, but even if it slows down in the next few months its great gains. so this brings me to my question...

    is it possible (im staying natural, so no roids) for me to reach my incredibley ambitious year end goal of 250lbs 1rm bench?
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    it is a lofty goal, but not impossible. when i first started lifting, my bench went from 175 to 255 in about a year. within this time i took about 4 full months off. I realize now that i was very lucky in my newbie gains. keep at it and you may find that you will reach your goal

    Edit: I have one question. are you training for strength or mass?
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    you should set goals that are about 2 months away. A year is a long time and you may lose focus of it in a few months.

    I set goals that are around 2 months away, and they keep me working hard to get to them. Like if I said "I want to bench 325lbs by next year" i may lose my focus and during some workouts say "ah, i dont have to push myself hard this workout, i still have another 9 months (or whatever) to do it"

    But when a goal is only 2 months away, it keeps me trying my hardest to attain it
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    in my self designed routine i take a week break every two months and record progress accuflex, but my goal is always as heavy as possible. i know its a lofty goal and that helps me, even if i try my hardest there is a really good chance i wont make it, so i never let up (accept on my off week every two months to check 1 rms) i also check them from time to time just for fun (like my bench) and dont record them. btw, in 3 weeks i reached the half way point to my year end clean goal, so im not the best at predicting what i can and cant accomplish.

    @ admiral dan, more bulk will make the fat seem more prominant while i still have it, plus im the type who would rather be strong and not look it. to answer your question, strength is my priority at least for this year.

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